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Our Essential Oil Journey

I know you must wonder how essential oils fit in with paper goods? Well, I enjoy both beautiful paper and pure essential oils. And when I love something I want to share it. So why not right here? One place for both of my passions.

What are essential oils? EO's are volatile liquids and aromatic compounds distilled or pressed from plants. They have been around for thousands of years for cosmetic or spiritual purposes, but Gary Young researched and developed them for our modern world. The oils quickly penetrate the skin and contain powerful antioxidants that are beneficial to the body. For example: they may enhance mood, support overall wellness and well-being, maintain healthy body systems and promote relaxation.



In December 2013 I became a wholesale member / independent distributor with Young Living #1586984, and I am part of the HeavenScentOils4U team. 

So, who/what is Young Living? For over 20 years, YL has been the leading provider of essential oils. And not just any oil...they ensure that they bottle pure, natural essential oils. They own many of their farms and bottle the product. Not all essential oils are equal. I encourage you to do your research. If you would like to learn more about Young Living's products, please visit their website or our team website. More info on our testing and seed to seal process here

What is Young Living all about???

"We are about lifestyle and strengthening the body through nutrition and the power of essential oils. When we do this, the body will take care of itself. Everyone is different and no two products are the same; therefore, no two people respond to our products the exact same way." - Gary Young, Founder.

So do your research, open a bottle and breathe in. You'll be on your way to wellness, purpose and abundance. You can apply oils topically to the skin, use them aromatically in a diffuser, on cotton balls, or in a spray bottle or even use them internally if the (YL) oil is labeled dietary.

How does a life with essential oils actually look?


The most popular way (and most bang for your buck) to get started with YL is with a Premium Starter Kit. You choose the diffuser and you get 10 of the most popular oils + 1 bonus oil + samples and sharing material. A set valued at over $300. With wholesale membership, Kits start at $160.


This is an overview of the Premium Starter Kits with Diffuser choices. The same oils come with each kit; you just choose a diffuser. So yes, you get a diffuser and 11 oils for the price listed.


To get started, I will be happy to go over the products or business in greater detail. If you are ready to enroll, this link will guide through setup, note: wholesale members are able to take advantage of the starter kit pricing). If you'd prefer a retail membership, you can use the same link. Make sure you use my identification number (1586984) for your referral as sponsor and enroller.

For further information on my background with YL, see my personal page on our team website. Several valuable research tools are under each tab on that site.

Yes, I love oils! We use the personal care products, the home products and the fitness products. There's something for everyone. Come join us. You have nothing to lose.

Jennifer Senn
YL Independent Distributor #1586984
T: 334-492-2776
PS if you'd rather get started with our THIEVES product line or our NINGXIA RED products, there are also starter kits for those. Follow that link and scroll down.


And check out this Thieves story from a YL family.


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